Weather in Paris

Paris, as a city, wears a persona that never perishes. Each season in Paris is bold and beautiful as it experiences mostly mind weather across four distinct seasons.

If you are visiting Paris for the first time, then any time is the best time to visit Paris.  

You will find food carnivals, fun activities, street shows, wine tasting and much more to be explored and enjoyed in Paris.  

Based on interests, most tourists prefer to visit Paris in springtime when the weather is at its best. 

Sun is usually bright and warm, the days are long and as visitors, you can always enjoy walking on the Parisian streets enjoying the city like the locals do.

The summer and spring seasons are lush and colorful for visitors coming to Paris during these months.

Warm weather brings cool crisp air to the city, and autumn carries crunchy leaves that glow with photogenic hues of yellow.

In winter, the city shows off its festive holiday spirit alongside cooler temperatures and wet weather.

The table will tell you about travel months, minimum and maximum temperatures and weather.

Travel seasonsMin/Max Temperature Weather 
March to May4 to 19 degreesCool and pleasant
June to August13 to 24 degreesWarm and pleasant 
September to November 5 to 21 degreesCool with moderate rain
December to February2 to 8 degreesCold with a chance of snow

Peak Season (March-August)

Peak Season March August
Image: Sborisov from Getty Images Pro (Canva)

Spring and summer are the two best seasons to visit Paris. 

The weather is appealing for sightseeing and you will also enjoy the festivals which the city hosts to add cheer. 

These six months are ideal for visiting the city of love as per the weather forecast in Paris. 

Shoulder season (September-November) 

Shoulder season September November
Image: PhotoTalk from Getty Images Signature (Canva)

With a slight nip in the air and welcoming rain showers, the crowds start to get thin by this time. 

And therefore, if you’re looking for quality time spent there. This would be the right season. 

Low season (December-February)

Low season December February
Image: Borchee from Getty Images Signature (Canva)

Paris’s winter season is cold and wet. 

These days, Paris forms an ethereal beauty to the city when it snows. 

Christmas in Paris is something magical that happens over here and it is part of every traveler’s dream.

Featured Image: Travelandleisure.com

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