Top 10 Airbnb’s in Paris

The City of Lights enchants visitors with iconic landmarks, charming cafes, and secret alleyways. 

However, amid Paris’s enchantment, finding the ideal place to stay can feel like a riddle wrapped in a croissant. 

Air BnB opens up a new world of unique rentals, from budget rooms to chic penthouses and cozy artist lofts. 

However, choosing the best Airbnb based on our needs can be a difficult task.

Do not worry! This article will look at the top ten Airbnbs in Paris, as well as their amenities, to help you find a comfortable place to stay.

1. Raphael Mrthe’s Room in Palais Bourbon

Rated 4.8 with over 500 reviews, Raphael provides a luxurious room with a queen-sized bed in Palais Bourbon

The Champs-Élysées, the Iron Lady, and the Louvre Paris are just steps away from this charming studio apartment.

Enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop.

Raphael’s BNB features a Queen-size bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a sparkling shower, and a private balcony with a table and chairs.

It will cost €297 to stay in Raphael’s room for 24 hours

The check-in and check-out times are 5 pm and 11 am, respectively.

2. Christophe’s Romantic Suite near Louvre Museum.

Christophe’s Romantic Suite near Louvre Museum
Image: Airbnb.co.in

Rated 4.9 with over 300 reviews, Superhost Christophe’s romantic suite is located opposite the Tuileries metro station.

The two-person accommodation is close to the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Garden, making it ideal for exploring Paris’s landmarks.

The rental unit has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, high-speed wifi, first aid, a carbon monoxide alarm, a kitchen, and a private entrance.

Breakfast is also included during your stay and your host is only a phone call away.

The 24-hour stay at Christophe’s suite will cost you €224 for a single person

3. Lamya’s Room, next to the Louvre Museum

Rated 4.9 with over 181 reviews, Superhost lamya’s studio is located next to the Louvre Museum.

The studio has one room with two beds and one bathroom with cozy interiors.

The host provides a kitchen, wifi, a shared gym, a microwave, a TV, and numerous other amenities.

You can also park your car at 14 Rue Croix des Petit Champs, which is close to your room.

It will cost €128 for an overnight stay at Lamya’s studio.

4. Edgar Suites at Levallois Perret

_Edgar Suites at Levallois Perret
Image: Edgarsuites.com

The contemporary flat by Edgar Suites, rated 4.89 with over 470 reviews, is located in Levallois, 500 meters from Paris.

It has one bedroom and one bathroom and can accommodate up to four guests.

Edgar suites provide excellent bedding, plenty of storage space, towels, Rituals brand toiletries, and complete kitchen and household utensils, to name a few amenities.

The experience is rounded out by 390 Mbps of internet and a highly-rated host.

Staying in this urban flat for 24 hours will cost you €96 per person.

5. Simon’s Apartment in Marais

Rated 4.94, Simon’s apartment is located on the 5th floor of a building at the edge of Marais.

This one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is thoughtfully designed to accommodate two guests.

Simon’s apartment is located within walking distance of Rue de Bretagne and Canal Saint-Martin, and its balcony provides breathtaking views.

The accommodation includes a fully equipped kitchen, wifi, TV, washing machine, and a private balcony.

You can stay at this plush residence for €601 per night

6. Alice’s Flat in Grenelle

Alice’s Flat in Grenelle
Image: Booking.com

Rated over 4.9, Alice’s charming studio in Grenelle overlooks the Eiffel Tower.

This comfortable room has a queen-size bed, a luxurious bathroom, and a fully functional kitchen. 

The best feature is the balcony, which offers a breathtaking view of the famous Eiffel Tower and a lovely setting for sipping coffee in the morning.

This Superhost offers many amenities, including internet, HD TV, microwave, kitchen, washer, and hair dryer.

A 24-hour stay at Alice’s flat will set you back €340 per person.

7. Narjes Room in Pere Lachaise

Rated 4.9, Narjes’s private room with terrace is located at Pere Lachaise in a chic building.

The room features an attached private bathroom and one double bed. 

The Narjes Room provides a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Sacred Heart, among other major Parisian landmarks.

This private room offers a number of amenities, including a dedicated workspace, a bathtub, a microwave, and high-speed wifi.

The cost of a 24-hour stay here is €55.

8. Mickael’s Penthouse near Eiffel Tower

Rated 4.9 with over 200 reviews, Mickael’s penthouse with terrace is one of the most loved homes in AirBNBs.

It has one bedroom and one bathroom and offers majestic views of the Iron Lady.

Numerous amenities are available from this superhost, such as internet, a kitchen, a microwave, an HD TV, a private terrace, and a hair dryer.

The 24-hour stay at Mickael’s Penthouse will cost you €240 for a single person.

9. Clement’s room in Asnières-sur-Seine

Clement’s room in Asnières-sur-Seine
Image: Airbnb.co.in

Clement’s room in Asnieres-sur-Siene has a rating of 4.8 based on over 150 reviews.

The 176 sq ft cozy room has a private attached bathroom.

Situated close to both the Opera and the Champ Elysees, Clement’s room is an ideal place to stay.

It has features like a washing machine, dryer, wifi, and an indoor fireplace, in addition to a fully functional kitchen.

It costs €52 to stay there for 24 hours.

10. Gabriel’s Room in Le Pre Saint Gervais

Gabriel’s room, rated 4.76 with more than 260 reviews, is 50 meters from Paris in Pré Saint Gervais’ downtown.

The 1 sofa, bed, and shared bathroom setting is a 5-minute walk from the Paris Philharmonie and the Parc de la Villette.

The host provides free WiFi, a kitchen, a bathroom, a dryer, a fridge, and a microwave, among other amenities.

This budget-friendly room is priced at €41 per night.


Where should you get an Airbnb in Paris?

You can find Airbnb everywhere in Paris. Look for Airbnbs in Le Marais, Montmartre, and the Latin Quarter as they offer easy access to tourist attractions and local amenities

What is the best area to stay in Paris?

St. Germain, the 9th Arrondissement, the Latin Quarter, South Pigalle, the Marais, Bastille, Montmartre, Oberkampf, and Canal Saint-Martin are the best places to stay in Paris. 

These neighborhoods provide a wide range of experiences, from vibrant nightlife to cultural enrichment, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

Are airbnbs legal in Paris?

Yes, airbnbs are legal in Paris

What is the average price of Airbnb in Paris?

A decent Airbnb in Paris can cost anywhere from €78 to €228 per night, depending on the neighborhood and kind of lodging.

Featured Image : Stock photos by Vecteezy

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