Tips for visiting Paris

The city of light and love is a dream destination for many tourists. 

Home to avant-garde fashion and art, gastronomic cuisine and architectural history, along with its glamor – Paris is the city that is more than all of that.

For first-time visitors, navigating the European metropolis seems like a big task, especially with the language barrier.

Here are a few of our tips to make your trip to Paris more cherishable:

More than just a romantic city

Most visitors visiting Paris for the first time have an idealized version of the city. 

From a romantic candlelight dinner in a cafe to watching the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower and listening to French people waxing poetry about love and life.

But it is not all that Paris has to offer.

If you are a food lover, make your itinerary focused on Michelin-starred restaurants and beloved cafes by the locals.

For geeks of history, Paris has many historical places to satisfy your curiosity. 

So whatever it may be that you like doing, trust that you will find exciting things to do in Paris.

Off-peak season is best to visit

To find solace in Paris, visiting during the off-peak season between April and October would be best.

Lesser crowds, cheaper tourist rates, and an enticing display of nature in the city.

Visitors and fans of spring will surely love the pink hues of cherry blossoms while walking along the foliage-covered parks and streets.

You can always have a fitting backdrop for professional photoshoots, like weddings, family portraits, and engagements.

Book an auberge near the center

auberge near the center
Image: Tripadvisor.com

Auberge is the french word for accommodation and there are 20 arrondissements, or districts, in Paris to get a hotel there.

To decide which neighborhood will be best to stay in, check out the nearest museums and attractions to determine your itinerary.

The district near more popular attractions may be pricier, so plan accordingly.

Use public transportation

Use public transportation
Image: Wikimedia.org

Exploring Paris involves many ways besides walking, taking the metro and renting a Velib. 

You can buy a Paris metro pass to get unlimited access to the Paris metro network. It will help Paris newbies check out every nook and cranny of the city.

Velib is a public bike-sharing system with more than 1,800 access stations throughout the city. 

So, you can either rent an e-bike or a standard bike for a definite amount of time and, after using it, return it to the nearby station before your validity is over.

The train also provides a hassle-free experience and a comfortable way around France.

Wear comfortable shoes 

comfortable shoes
Image: Mirapen By Getty

Paris is a city that is best for traveling on foot. So, wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers or sandals for the time being. 

Also, take into account the considerable distance of some attractions.

Walking back and forth between destinations is bound to give you body aches even days after the trip.

Watch out for pickpockets and scams

While taking the metro, it’s crucial to stay vigilant for pickpockets and scammers. 

Tourists are the main targets to steal from; make sure to leave large amounts of money and important documents like your passport at your hotel.

Avoid situations where you have to sign environmental petitions or wear “friendship” bracelets. If you ever find yourself in one, leave immediately.

Practice basic French phrases

As beautiful as the French language is – it is tough to learn. 

It is customary to greet service people and shop staff ‘Bonjour’ before ordering or buying anything from anywhere. 

So, along with the greetings, learn a few more phrases while you are at it, like 

  • Merci (Thank you)
  • Pardon (Sorry) 
  • Comment Allez-Vous (What’s your name?) 
  • D’accord (Okay)
  • Excusez-Moi (Excuse me)

Featured Image: Ladyoutofoffice.com

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