5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Paris: Where to Celebrate True Love This Valentine’s Day

There is more to Valentine’s Day than fading roses and chocolates. 

It is all about capturing the heart of that special someone and taking them on an amazing Parisian adventure. 

With so many charming restaurants, it can be difficult to decide where to go in the famous city of Paris. 

No need to fret; we have your back!

We will take you on a tour of the top five romantic restaurants in Paris, each with a priceless story of worthwhile moments and true love.

1. Les Ombres

Location: 27 Quai Jacques Chirac, 75007 Paris, France. Get Directions
Timings: Monday to Sunday: 12 pm to 2  pm and 7 pm to 10 pm
Cuisine: French, Mediterranean Cuisine
Price Range: €58 to €197
Contact: +33147536800 
OfficialSite: Click here

Les Ombres Restaurant is located at 27 Quai Jacques Chirac in the heart of Paris. 

Situated on the rooftop terrace of the Musée du Quai Branly, it offers stunning panoramic views of the city, including the nearby Eiffel Tower, which is just 500 meters away.

The rooftop setting provides a romantic dining experience under the stars.

Soft lighting casts a warm glow throughout the space, which is decorated to create an elegant yet intimate atmosphere.

Live piano music plays, adding a touch of refinement to the experience.

The menu, created by Chef Alexandre Semperé, is focused on using seasonal, fresh ingredients to put a contemporary spin on classic French dishes. Dishes are served for both lunch and dinner.

After your meal, guests can linger on the terrace at night, taking in the fresh air and scenic views of the illuminated city. It’s the perfect spot to steal a kiss under the Parisian sky.

2. LiLi

Location: 19 Av. Kléber, 75116 Paris, France. Get Directions
Timings: Tuesday to Saturday: 12 to 2.30 pm; 6.30 to 10.30 pm
Cuisine: Cantonese cuisine with dim sum highlights
Price Range: €16 to €48 per dish
Contact: +33158126750
Official Site: Click here

Tucked away on a quiet street in the Peninsula Paris Hotel, just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, is LiLi. 

It’s not your average Chinese joint – think dim sum under a dazzling dome inspired by the opera, with silk curtains framing cozy nooks.

The menu has something for everyone, bouncing between classics and modern twists.

Craving spicy kung pao chicken? They’ve got you covered.

Want something lighter? Try the soup dumplings – they melt in your mouth.

And to complete the feast for all the senses, there’s live Chinese music floating through the air.

It’s the kind of place that transports you far from the hustle of Paris.

So next time you’re there, skip the overpriced crepes and give LiLi a try. Your taste buds (and Instagram) will thank you.

3. Le Ciel de Paris Restaurant

Location: 33 Avenue du Maine 56th Floor, 75015 Paris, France. Get Directions
Timings: Monday to Sunday: 8 am to 11 pm
Cuisine: Exquisite French cuisine, European-inspired dishes
Price Range: €100 to €150 per person
Contact: +33140647764
Official Site: Click here

Le Ciel de Paris, located atop the Tour Maine-Montparnasse and rising 56 stories above the city, provides amazing views of the City of Lights.

The seating arrangement resembles a theater, with guests facing the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows as the main stage. 

Modern and sleek furnishings perfectly complement the 360-degree views of famous sites like the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, the Louvre Museum, and the Eiffel Tower.

With the best flavors of France, Chef Christophe Marchais crafts a menu of sophisticated French cuisine with a contemporary twist using fresh, in-season ingredients.

A large menu of French dishes, including asparagus, organic soft-cooked eggs, salmon hearts, smoked sprats, and crab meat, is available in addition to wines and cocktails. 

4. La Diva des Prés

Location: 79 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, France. Get Directions
Timings: Monday to Sunday: 11 am to 2 am
Cuisine: Classic French meal
Price Range: €30 to €70 per person for a three-course meal
Contact: +33142039459
Official Site: Click here

La Diva des Prés is a cozy and elegant restaurant situated in the heart of Paris’ 7th arrondissement, just 450 meters (7-minute walk) away from the Jardin du Luxembourg.

This restaurant is known for its romantic ambiance, with pink-hued furnishings, lush floral accents, and outdoor seating, making it a great spot for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. 

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even a late-night cocktail, La Diva des Prés is open. 

The restaurant offers various prix fixe menus that would be perfect for a romantic evening. 

The menu at La Diva des Prés is French cuisine with a modern twist, serving some popular dishes, including foie gras, steak tartare, and salmon gravlax. 

The cocktail menu at La Diva des Prés is full of creative and delicious options. Be sure to try one of their signature cocktails, like the Tata Saint-Ger or the Diva Spritz.

5. Restaurant Pétrelle

Location: 34 Rue Petrelle, 75009 Paris, France. Get Directions
Timings: Wednesday to Sunday: 12.30 pm to 2 pm and 7.30 pm to 11 pm|
Cuisine: Modern French Cuisine
Price Range: Around €75
Contact: +33142821102
Official Site: Click here

Pétrelle is located in the 9th arrondissement, in the heart of Paris, where you can enjoy the symphony of delicious food, the intimate atmosphere, and the panoramic views. 

The nearest landmark to Restaurant Pétrelle is the Moulin Rouge, which is a famous cabaret located at 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France, and is about 1.4 km away.

With just 20 seats, Pétrelle is a tiny, intimate restaurant that is ideal for special occasions or a romantic supper. 

The warm, welcoming ambiance of the restaurant, with soft jazz music and candlelight, makes it the ideal choice for a Valentine’s Day dinner. 

Pétrelle will surprise and delight your taste buds with its distinctive and constantly-evolving tasting menu based on seasonal ingredients.

It also boasts a carefully chosen wine list with Champagnes and natural wines from small growers. 

5 Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

The restaurants that we shared above are the best places where you can take your beloved and share some romantic moments. 

Their ambiance and the food will make your day special in every way possible. 

But how do you make your evening truly unforgettable in the heart of culinary love? 

Here are some tips to set the stage for a sizzling Valentine’s Day:

Book Early

Popular restaurants in Paris fill up fast for Valentine’s Day. Make reservations as far in advance as possible, ideally a few months ahead of time.

Both Les Ombres and L’Ami Louis are very popular choices that require early booking.

Personalize the Experience

Consider requesting a special table with a nice view if possible.

Mention any dietary restrictions or preferences to the restaurant ahead of time.

You could also pre-order a bottle of champagne or dessert to be brought out later in the meal.

Surprise with a Gift

Bring a small gift or token of affection to show you were thinking of your partner.

Classic French choices include a single rose, box of chocolates, or love poem. 

Handwritten notes are also sweet gestures.

Engage in Meaningful Conversation

Come prepared with thought-provoking discussion topics beyond everyday chit-chat.

Share memories, dreams, and what you appreciate about your relationship. Focus on quality time together over anything else.

Take in the Romantic Ambiance

The atmosphere at these top restaurants is designed for intimacy. Appreciate the decor, music, scenery, and each other’s company.

Being present and fully connected is the most important part of any Valentine’s Day.

With its undeniable charm and romantic aura, Paris provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

People also ask…

What are the most romantic restaurants in Paris for Valentine’s Day?

Paris has a lot to offer, from romantic candlelight dinners to gorgeous views! 

Diva des Prés in quaint Saint-Germain, Girafe’s art deco elegance, and Les Ombres with its view of the Eiffel Tower are all strong contenders. 

For a touch of Paris, take into account undiscovered treasures like Caffè Stern or Le Jardin de Montreuil.

Do I need to book a reservation in advance?

Without a doubt! Paris has an infamously large Valentine’s Day crowd.

If there are seats that are in high demand with breathtaking views, be sure to reserve your seat well in advance.

Look at the websites of eateries or well-known reservation services like TheFork.

What kind of ambiance should I expect at a romantic Parisian restaurant?

Anticipate cozy table settings, romantic lighting, and soothing melodies.

Many restaurants offer stunning views of the city or charming courtyards. 

French conversation adds to the ambiance, but don’t worry; most menus have English translations.

Are there any romantic activities we can do before or after dinner?

The city of lovers is Paris! Visit the famous Moulin Rouge, take a pre-dinner stroll along the Seine, or exchange vows atop the Eiffel Tower.

After dinner, take a late-night river cruise, catch a jazz performance, or just grab drinks at a quaint bar.

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