Nightlife in Paris

With the fall of dusk, Paris’s main attractions get draped in glorious golden light.

The city square comes alive on every street corner with buoyant crowds of locals and tourists.

A night stroll in Paris is truly a fantastic experience when you walk by the city of light’s stunning gothic architecture and monuments that mesmerizes you.

Here are our top things to do at night time in Paris:

Moulin Rouge (Music and Cancan dance)

Moulin Rouge
Image: Moulinrouge.fr

The French people have a way of how to enjoy life (art de Vivre). The French Cancan dance is a famous 19th-century dance symbolizing women’s liberty and emancipation.

It has its birth and fame within the walls of the Moulin Rouge.

Sitting in a 100-year-old Belle Epoque-style theatre, you will surely enjoy the atmosphere of Moulin Rouge.

Paris night cruise along the Seine River 

Starting from the eventides, Paris takes the form of an extravaganza. 

As the water glistens on the banks of the River Seine, the nighttime cruises with dinner and champagne are the perfect way to enlighten your evening in Paris.

The cruise tours will ride you to central Parisian attractions of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Paris island and Bibliotheque Nationale.

Louvre at night 

Image: Timesofindia

The Louvre masks a new ambiance at nightfall when it gets lit up.

Surrounding courtyards becomes a lively meeting ground for locals and tourists alike.

Yes, you can also visit the Louvre at night but it is allowed twice a week, only on Wednesday and Friday nights. 

Visiting at this time is best if you want to explore the museum in a calm atmosphere. Take your time moving through the vast collections of the Louvre Museum.

A night at Opera Garnier

Opera Garnier
Image: Wikimedia.org

Opera Garnier is considered one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. 

A night out on your trip to Paris to Opera Garnier is something which you will never forget or regret. 

You will surely feel like returning to the baroque times through the opera’s architecture.

There are so many things to suit the interest of everyone in a night at the opera. 

Suppose you don’t like listening to 4-hour-long classic operas. In that case, you can go with ballets or with some contemporary dance choreography.

A concert of Sainte-Chapelle at night

Sainte-Chapelle is a pearl of French Gothic architecture. It is one of the most visited monuments.

Most visitors prefer to spend an evening watching the Sainte-Chapelle’s ceilings and stained glass paneling.

You will be with violins and cello melodies from Paris’s finest classical composers.

An unforgettable experience at Sainte-Chapelle includes the theatre in Paris and a glass of champagne or wine and tapas with your ticket.

Pub crawls in Paris

Pub crawls
Image: Neweuropetours.eu

One of the eagerly awaited activities by visitors in Paris is to see its nightlife scene. 

And especially Paris Pub Crawl has become the subject of countless books and films with its impressive range of trendy cocktail bars and thumping clubs.

Whether you are on your own or looking to join a raucous group doesn’t matter. You can be sure to feel welcome on this great night out.

Featured Image: Wikileaks.info

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